Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Working Woman

When it comes to job hunting, one of my pet peeves people (or my mom) tells me is to “dress for the part you want.” Initially, the part I want would be a television reporter, however you’re most likely not going to find me in a dull, grey pant suit with pantyhose on and black pointed pumps. I’ve always been one to express how I feel through clothes, and I can’t say I agree with changing that up to leave my mark in the career world. Whether it’s at an internship or sitting in my cubicle at work, I’ve never been afraid to show a little bit of myself on the job with not only my voice, but the clothes on my back. So I took it upon myself to put together a fun little collage of what I think makes for a fun, stylish, yet professional attire for the office.

at work attire

J Crew j crew dress
$188 - jcrew.com

River Island blazer
£20 - riverisland.com

Steve madden wedge
$90 - lordandtaylor.com

Satchel bag
$73 - romwe.com

Rolex vintage gold watch
$6,900 - parkandbond.com

Vintage jewelry
$2,280 - stylebop.com

Juicy Couture rhinestone stud earrings
$48 - couture.zappos.com

Friis Company bracelet
€14 - shopfriiscompany.com


  1. I totally agree with you on the dresscode. Fortunately whete i work, the dresscode is pretty leanient so i get to see a pop of personality from everyone's outfits. That turquoise blazer is hot!

  2. could you put together something for me that's a little more affordable? :)

  3. I'd love to put together a more affordable ensamble for you! This one here was just my "what I WISH I could afford to wear to work" outfit!