Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's so cold in the D'

When it comes to winter in Michigan, some people get excited about hitting the ski slopes, making snow angels, sitting by a romantic fireplace watching the snow fall, or any other activity that disguises our true feelings about how we feel about the weather...pure hatred(well, at least me). The thought of scraping my windshield at seven in the morning, nearly breaking my back shoveling snow from underneath my tires just to get the car moving two feet, and driving 20 MPH on the express way to avoid spinning out is pure torture. Did I mention how I can barely wear half the open-toe shoes in my closet because of this?!

Even though the season is holding me back from putting some of my favorite clothing items on display, there are still a few key essential winter pieces you and I can still sport to help make these next three months suck less.
winter essentials

1-A bold statement jacket to dress up any outfit
2-Dark denim skinny jeans to be worn with snow boots by day and high heels by night
3-A leather boot (I even love dressing these up in the fall with a dainty dress)
4-An over-sized knit sweater for those unbearably cold days
5-An umbrella (because every true Michigander knows it still rains in January)
6-This one's a given, people...hand gloves are a must
7-A fur Kosak hat that can be used to help keep your head warm while still looking faboosh
8-Fur stoles work miracles to glam up just about any outfit

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