Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ahoy, readers!

Welcome to day one of my new-found profession : blogging. I decided to hop on board the train to share some of the things I love with you, as well as perfect my writing craft. As of right now I’m majoring in Journalism, but I have to admit that writing stories on school spirit week or the student art show just aren't cutting it.

With this blog, I plan on sharing all the loves of my life: my family, friends, food, arts, movies and more. I don't wish to bore or depress anyone with stories on a struggling economy or fights that break out at Chuckie Cheese's.

A born and bred Detroit girl (who lives in the suburbs), I also plan on showing off the good that this city produces everyday. This town is full of some of the most inspiring, unique, and talented melting pot of people,  such as our infamous “Eat em’ up, Tigers” mascot.

With that much said I do hope you enjoy some of the little things I enjoy.


Your Living Mannequin

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