Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i'll have a water with extra lemon.

If clothes grew on trees, I'd be one happy girl. If money grew on trees...I'd be even happier. However; in a world where the most exciting thing I see in my trees is ratty old leaves and birds that use my car as their own personal toilet, I'm forced to hustle for the green.

I currently hold two jobs. One as a production assistant at Detroit's top news station, and the other...a waitress.

I've been slinging food for money since I was 15, and although the job has its ups and downs, I'd have to say there's a lot of humor that comes in hand with it,too. 

Here's a few servers I'd definitely give 20% to.

Amelie Poulain in "Amelie"

Joanna and her flair in "Office Space"

Naomi in"Waiting"

Smith Jerrod in "Sex and the City"

Julia Sullivan in "The Wedding Singer"

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