Monday, March 26, 2012

a place to lay my head.

So I may not be lucky enough (or have as much in my bank account as I'd like to) to be a cerified home owner. However, I love living at home with one of the most hilarious and fabulous of "roommates" a gal can have: her sister. Now even though the space we share is a wee bit small, we manage to add some fun and quirky little accents to it to make it most comfortable for us. Here's a sneak peek into the boudoir of the Tedesco girls.

We love attending flea markets, estate sales, and thrift store hopping to find little antique collectibles like these.

Pictured below is is the shelf right above my bed. There's many a meaning behind some of the very random items up there. I'll go through just a few.
-The "Wizard of Oz" is my all time favorite movie, hence all of the memorabilia.
-When "Legally Blonde" came out, my dad insisted I reminded him of Elle Woods because of my random acts of ditziness and love for all things that are pink, so he bought me the Barbie Doll. (If I ever meet a man like my dad I'll be very lucky).
-And the mass amounts of Disney collectibles represent the seven months I spent working in the happiest place on earth as a character performer.

 Angie has a dire love for kitten and pin-up inspired collectibles.

Just a little collage of the color blasting that takes over our closet. A second edition of closet number TWO is in store shortly.
I always like to keep two different scented candles burning relaxing.
 A very small portion of books we've collected over the years.
An entire drawer full of hair flowers.

Make-up galore.

Two vintage posters that hang over each of our beds.

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  1. I was attracted to you Blog Name, and when I found out about your love to flea markets and estate sales, I even told myself,...ahhhh...I found someone like me!
    -your newest follower <3